Blog Chain: Mini Interviews

9 Apr

The philosopher Jerry Seinfeld once said, “Whatever you do, don’t break the chain.” Today, I am the next link in a chain of great authors providing micro interviews, as well as recommendations for other authors you might enjoy. First, I’ll tell you about the author who pulled me into this tangled chain of vocabularian (I […]

Flash Fiction: The Mouth Of Destiny

6 Feb

At last week’s meeting of the local writers’ guild, we decided to play a game. Each of us drew an off the wall writing prompt out of a mug and had thirty minutes to write a short story based on that prompt. The prompts were so bizarre, none of us thought we would manage to […]

Flash Fiction: Tuesdays On The Lift

30 Jan

This week’s flash fiction piece was inspired by a random word generator. I asked it to give me three nouns, and I decided to write my story based on whatever words came up. It was a bit of a struggle because the words didn’t really lend themselves to my usual style, but it was an […]

Book Review: Happy Hour In Hell by Tad Williams

22 Jan

In The Dirty Streets of Heaven, Tad Williams introduced us to Bobby Dollar, a lowly workaday angel serving as an Advocate, something of a lawyer for just-deceased souls whose job was to show why they deserved to enter Heaven. It was a great concept that gave us an interesting, if not always likable, character, as […]

Flash Fiction: Before It’s Too Late

16 Jan

  It’s always fun to step into a new world for the first time. In this week’s flash fiction piece, I’m taking my first steps into a new world based vaguely on Jin Dynasty-era China in which roles are reversed and history might just turn out completely different. I hope you enjoy it. Before It’s […]