Moving Forward: 2013 Publishing Goals

Photo Credit: Flickr, KristinNador

Photo Credit: Flickr, KristinNador

Well, 2012 was my first year as an indie author. Despite a string of disasters and delays that kept me away from writing, I managed to publish my first novel, My Name Is Michael Bishop, back in October. Since I hit the Publish button, I have been bouncing all over. Between learning about building a platform, working to improve my writing, and reading as many books as I can get my hands on, the amount of real work done has been negligible at best.

My plan is to make 2013 the year where I finally get organized and move forward with a real business plan, rather than just bouncing here and there and everywhere like a Gummi Bear. (How many of you have the theme song stuck in your head now? I know I do.)

So, here are my goals for 2013.

Hit the ground running.

Given that it is already the 9th of January and I am just now putting my pen to paper, as it were, I think we can safely cross this one off the list. Oh well. I suppose I can always work on improving my procrastination tendencies next year.

Write One or Two Blog Posts Per Week

As you can see, despite the total refit the site has gone through, it is sorely lacking when it comes to content. Therefore, my goal for 2013 is to complete at least one and hopefully two blog posts per week.

Publish Two Novels

After completing my first novel, I’ve been kicking around a half-dozen ideas for new novels, including three series.
One series is another fantasy/steampunk story, while another is best classified as urban paranormal/religious. My goal is to outline each series and to complete the first novel of each before the end of 2013.

Write Every Day

Whether it is a blog post, a short story, or a chapter of a novel, my goal is to write something every day. I’m still just getting started in the world of indie publishing, so now is not the time to lose momentum. That means new words every day.

Become More Active on Social Media

My social media presence has been little more than an afterthought up until this point. During 2013, my goal is to expand my social presence and build relationships with readers and other authors.

Aside from an automatic failure in my initial plans to overcome my innate procrastinatory nature, I think I have a solid plan to keep me focused through 2013 and get some real work done.

But enough about me. What are your goals for 2013, and how do you plan to accomplish them?

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