TR Goodman came into the world in the aftermath of the Mount St. Helens volcanic eruption. From an early age, he cloaked himself in stories of fantasy worlds, spaceships, superheroes, and dragons, though the mundanes assure him that Washington State hasn’t seen a dragon since at least the 1970’s. Now that he is grown, he is well within his rights to keep a steampunk dragon in the back yard if he wants to. As long as it doesn’t eat all the fruit on the trees, everything is shiny.

Armed with a near-encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars (except the prequels, which do not exist), retro video games, and 1980’s cartoons, not to mention a bootleg sonic screwdriver he bought off a vagrant time lord sometime next Thursday, TR Goodman weaves words into stories of magic and adventure, with the occasional spaceship thrown in to keep things interesting.